The secret to not ruining your progress while traveling

As I walk down the streets of old Prague, the smell of Belgian chocolate and goulash fills my nostrils and warms my soul. I stop to think, “Man, I’ve been going to the gym for three months now, if I indulge myself, won’t I be back peddling?”.

Thankfully, what I’ve learned from my previous long distance ventures, is that when I walk everywhere and take transit only when I’m really tired or the destination is longer than an hour away, I tend to lose weight at the end, regardless of how much I ate. In the two weeks I spent between Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Vienna, I not only managed to not gain weight, but lost a couple of pounds even. I overindulged at times and even had desert after a large meal, but it’s a vacation, enjoy it!

Alternatively, if you feel walking everywhere will cut down on the length of your trip, try to find a 20 or 25 minute ‘travel workout’ you can do at the end of each day. YouTube will give you lots of hits, but generally as long as you do something to keep active each day, it will cut back on any ‘lost progress’.

But really, it’s a vacation, don’t stress about these things, enjoy everything you can, if you are like me and are recovering from many years of being overweight, a few weeks is a drop in the bucket!